Welcome to High Def International Television’s portfolio. Here you’ll find examples of our work using a wide array of equipment and personnel, for clients in a variety of industries.


An interview

German TV

German TV




Shoot for Mercedes

A shoot for Mercedes

Mayor Ford

An interview with Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford

Airbus A-380 Construction

Filmed with the Sony Digi-beta 790 PAL camera.



Re-enactment clip

Popular Mechanics for Kids

TV show, Popular Mechanics for Kids.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of a Playboy shoot.


Commercial for Eye Product

Shot on the Sony F900 HDCAM 1080 24p. Kino Flo lights as well as Arri's were used.

Commercial Shoot

Shot on the F800 XDCAM 1080 30p

Behind the Scenes of a Voice Over with Liam Neeson

Shot in studio with the Sony F900 HDCAM 1080 24p.